Dane County K9, Inc.

The Dane County Sheriff's Office has used canines since as early as 1901. The current K-9 program has been in place since 1982, making it the longest serving K-9 Unit in Dane County. Many dedicated deputies and canines have served on the Unit. The K-9 Unit currently consists of five teams. Each team consists of a handler (deputy) and their canine partner. There are three patrol teams, one explosives detection team, and one search/rescue team. The current teams each have a biography with their most recent trading card photo at the bottom of the page.

Deputy Sheriff Scott Lindner & K-9 Dani

My name is Scott W Lindner and I am a Deputy Sheriff. I am currently assigned to the airport/patrol. I was selected to the Dane County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit in April of 1996. I received my first K-9 in September of 1996.

The name of my current K-9 is Dani. We have been working together for about 6 years. K-9 Dani is certified Explosive detector dog. Dani is certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) and by the ATF&E in explosives. K-9 Dani was born and raised in Holland. At approximately 1 year Dani was imported to the United States. EDD K-9 Dani was imported by Vohne Liche Kennels of Denver, Indiana and trained to detect explosives. Deputy Lindner and K-9 Dani have been working together for over 6 years.

Before K-9 Dani, Deputy Lindner worked two K-9's prior: EDD K-9 DiDi and EDD K-9 Donna. Both were trained explosive detector dogs.

Deputy Lindner and K-9 Dani work with and assist the Dane County Bomb Squad. Part of their duties include searches of suspicious packages, unattended suitcases, vehicle searches, aircraft searches, and searching Camp Randall Stadium for Badger football games. The team also participates in dignitary searches. So far the team has assisted federal agencies in conducting searches for: Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, Bruce Springsteen, Dahli Lama, and President Obama. Over the years the Deputy Lindner and K-9 Dani have assisted the Secret Service, State Department, FBI, ATF&E, as well as other Bomb Squads in the state. Deputy Lindner and K-9 Dani average around 380 calls for service a year.

As we say in the explosives world: "If you see me running try to keep up".

Deputy Sheriff II Miles Enger & K-9 Ty

Deputy Sheriff II Miles A. Enger started with the DCSO in 1990. He became a member of the Dane County K-9 Unit in 1995.

K-9 Ty was purchased by Dane County K-9 Inc. in February 2010. He is a male Black Lab born September 1, 2008 at WinDogs in Middleton, Wisconsin. K-9 Ty completed certification testing with the North American Police Working Dog Association in May 2010. The Sheriff promptly activated K-9 Ty for service. He is partnered with handler Deputy Enger. K-9 Ty is trained in tracking, search and rescue, both land and water cadaver detection. Ty will be used to locate missing or lost persons, article/area/building searches, disaster events such as a Tornado or crashes, and criminal investigations. K-9 Ty is the third dog Enger has trained. With his dog teams, Deputy Enger has served Local, Regional, State and Federal Government entities on Search and Rescue incidents.

Enger's past partner, K-9 Milo, was forced to retire early in May 2010 because of the on-set of hip dysplasia. K-9 Milo had been activated to work with Deputy Enger in 2003.

Fun fact about K-9 Ty - "When Ty is not working he is a 65 pound lap dog".

Deputy Jay O'Neil & K-9 Hunter

K-9 Hunter was born on May 9, 2008 in the Czech Republic. His was bred from "Old German Lines", and has the classic German Shepherd look.

Hunter is a dual purpose, Patrol/Narcotics Police K-9. He started his career in Feb 2010, and has had criminal apprehensions as well as large amounts of narcotics and cash seized during his first five months on duty. K-9 Hunter is my third Police K-9, preceeded by K-9 Dino- 1996 thru 2006, and K-9 Thor- 2006 thru 2009.

K-9 Hunter's favorite toy is ANY toy!

Personal message: K-9 Hunter says "Always ask a dog owners permission before you pet their dog."

Deputy Keith Kelly & K-9 Rico

My name is Keith Kelly and I am a deputy with the Dane County Sheriff's Office. I am currently assigned to the Patrol Division working at the Northeast Precinct near Deforest. I have been working with Law Enforcement Canines since January of 2000. I was chosen to be a member of the K-9 team in October of 1999.

I am currently handling what is called a "dual purpose" canine. The canines name is Rico. Rico is a Belgian Malanois and is three years old. He was imported from Holland to Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana. Rico was purchased from Vohne Liche Kennels using funds from Dane County K9 Inc. I hand selected Rico from over 50 other dogs that were tested for the proper characteristics needed to become a law enforcement canine. I have been working with Rico since November 2008. He is currently certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association.

Rico is my third canine that I have handled. The two previous canines were Grando who passed in August of 2000, and Indy who retired in May 2009.

Rico is called a dual- purpose canine because of the multiple jobs he performs. Rico is certified narcotics detector dog. He is also trained in tracking and aggression. Rico can find suspects by following their odor trail on the ground. He completes building and area searches for suspects and will bite if necessary. Rico is very social and has enjoyed many demonstrations with local school children, public, and private groups.

Rico's current job description includes riding in a squad car while on patrol. He routinely sniffs vehicles during traffic stops to locate narcotics. We work as a team to search vehicles when Rico alerts after detecting the odor of narcotics. Rico is often called upon to track suspects following armed robberies, car crashes and other incidents. I utilize Rico to find suspects in buildings and other areas greatly reducing the risk to human officers.

Criminals have reason to worry: "It's hard to hide narcotics where a drug dog can't find it"

Deputy Brian Biwer & K-9 Utrix

Deputy Brian Biwer has been a Deputy with the Sheriff's Office since 1999. Deputy Biwer started with the K9 Unit in April of 2003. Deputy Biwer's first partner was a German Shepherd imported from the Czech Republic through Vohne Liche Kennels. In January of 2009 Deputy Biwer selected his current partner Utrix from Ot Vitosha Kennels in Plant City Florida. Utrix was 12-months old when selected and trained for four weeks by Deputy Biwer before passing his certification through the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) in March of 2009. Utrix is Belgium Malinois trained as a dual purpose patrol and narcotics detection canine. Together Deputy Biwer and Utrix will perform narcotic sniffs, tracking, building/area search, criminal apprehension and handler protection.

K-9 Team

                                       K9 Deputy Brian Biwer with Utrix

                                       K9 Deputy Keith Kelly with Rico

                                       K9 Deputy Jay O'Neil with Hunter

                                       K9 Deputy Tony Enger with Ty

                                       K9 Deputy Scott Lindner with Lord

                                       K9 Sergeant Kyle McNally